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Hand Towels

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Affordable hand towels with excellent quality including absorbency, softness, thickness, durability. Our hand towels are ideal for use for guests within hotels, spas or the gym. They are also great for home use or travel. Our towels are low-cost available to bulk-buy today. They are soft to touch, of the highest quality and low weight. Our hand towels come in various designs and colours to ensure that you have the right towels for you. We also stock matching face cloths, bath sheets and other key items.

What is GSM?

GSM is the abbreviation for Grams per Square Metre. This unit presents the density of used materials for a face cloth. Higher GSM indicates the quality including thickness, softness. However, to make our hand towels low weight, we always look to have fewer GSM. For the comfort of our customers, we sell most of the hand towels with an average of 400 GSM. While, we made our hand towels with the best quality of cotton to ensure they are soft and luxurious for the users. We also stock a limited number of hand towels with more than 550 GSM which are ideal for extensive use.

Organic Hand towel 

Over the years it has become increasingly important to shop organic and local. Here at UK Wholesales we want to ensure you are happy therefore, we stock a variety of options manufactured using organic cotton. If you are interested in shopping organic then you can have the best towels from hand towels to bath sheets to ensure you have the ideal towel for the purpose. Our hand towel are fully eco-friendly made up of raw organic cotton. We produce towels with 500 GSM for the product to maintain both softness and weight. This ensures that you can shop knowing that your environmental concerns are met and you can choose the products which care for the environment and are of the best quality.