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Purchasing high quality face cloths is essential. Our face cloths are made from the highest quality materials to ensure you have soft face towels that are kind to your skin. Our face cloths are ideal for use within hotels, spas, the gym or within the home. We currently stock multiple establishments who have given us excellent feedback.

In order to have healthy glowing skin it is important to look after your skin and use the right towels and skincare. Although, our daily life activities filled with chaos and work-life make it difficult to visit the salon and pamper our skin. A combination of a skincare routine including regular cleansing, the use of high quality products and face cloths. If you are looking to buy the best quality of face cloths, then we have the product for you are. So that you can buy the right product for you we have put together everything you need to know.

What is GSM?

GSM is the abbreviation for Grams per Square Metre. This unit presents the density of used materials for a face cloth. Higher GSM of face cloths indicates the quality including thickness, softness.

GSM of our products

Our range of products are of the highest quality, our face cloths range from 400 GSM to 700 GSM. Face cloths with below 400 GSM are less dense in comparison to others, as these products are normally thinner. Face cloths with a GSM of less than 400 are able to hold less water and are of low-quality, therefore, we do not stock them. All of our towels are fast drying and can absorb a sufficient amount of water. Our towels are multi-purpose, they can be used in hotels, at home or even at the beach due to their high quality, fast absorption and drying.

What Raw materials are used

All of our towels are made with the highest quality cotton. Some of our products are made of 100% cotton or they are organic. Others are a blend of ring-spun cotton.

We also stock a variety of other towels including bath sheets, guest towels, bath mats and more. Each product comes in various different designs, colours and GSM to ensure you find the product for you.