• Protective Glasses Visor
  • Protective Glasses Visor
  • Protective Glasses Visor
  • Protective Glasses Visor

Protective Glasses Visor

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This fully-certified reusable protective visor offers industry-leading full face protection from airborne splashes and droplets of liquid. This is an essential item for key workers and healthcare workers. These visors are manufactured from superior-quality optically clear PET with a premium double anti-fog coating for maximum visibility. 

This strong, lightweight, reusable face visor that easily clips on to custom made frames resting on the nose bridge and ears, It can be worn with or without extra PPE such as a face mask.  It ensures total facial protection for wearers from respiratory droplets sprayed from other people when talking, coughing, or sneezing. 

This lightweight visor offers comfort to key front line workers or those seeking additional daily protection from splashes, spills and respiratory droplets. 

This protective visor can be worn with or without prescription glasses.


Product information:

  • Double anti-fog transparent PET
  • Transparent high definition shield
  • Folding design
  • Shield thickness: 0.2mm
  • Dimensions: 255mm (width) x 195mm (height)
  • Frame: Plastic
  • Shield: PET lens
  • 1 set per box

Caring for your Trusted PPE Protective Glasses Visor: 

  1. The protective film on both sides of the visor will need to be removed before first use
  2. Hand wash the front side of the shield with sanitiser gel or soap and water. 
  3. Turn the shield over, wipe the inside of the shield, and other areas, e.g. glasses frame
  4. If the shield is streaked or has a cloudy film, clean the shield with a soft, damp (with water) cloth. 
  5. If the face shield appears damaged or torn – discard and obtain a replacement.
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