• Holiday Essentials Pack
  • Holiday Essentials Pack
  • Holiday Essentials Pack
  • Holiday Essentials Pack
  • Holiday Essentials Pack

Holiday Essentials Pack

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This pack of holiday essentials is here to help keep you safe as you head off to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Your Holiday Essentials pack includes:

Keeping your hands clean, our 100ml bottles of antibacterial hand sanitiser is the ideal size to keep in pockets, handbags, hand luggage and suitcases. It's specially formulated with vitamin E for skin care and protection.

Concerned about any of the surfaces at the airport or on the flight? Our 75% alcohol antibacterial wipes are just the thing to wipe down and disinfect seats, handles and other surfaces that you come into contact with on your journey.

Our handy Trusted PPE Touch Free Key is ideal for when you need to use touch-screens, chip and pin machines or ATMs. This lightweight, convenient tool can also be used to open doors, push buttons and pull levers.

FFP2 masks are the recommended masks for flights. These 5-layered, foldable face masks are a disposable 'FFP2'  mask designed for more durability. Safe and breathable, it is designed to protect the wearer from airborne particles, germs, bacteria, droplets, dust and more. 

Hand Sanitiser Ingredients and Information: 

  • Aqua (22.4%), Alcohol (76%), Tea-carbomer (1%), Parfum (0.2%), Aloe barbadensis leaf extract (0.2%), Camellia sinensis leaf oil (0.1%), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil (0.1%)


Mask information:

  • Five-layered mask
  • FFP2
  • Folding mask design
  • 94% filtering (inhalation)
  • Integrated, mouldable metal nose clip
  • Single-use
  • Sealed pack of 6 masks
  • 240mm (width) x 155mm (height)
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