100ml Mini Hand Sanitizer

100ml Mini Hand Sanitizer

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Here at UK Wholesales we stock a range of hand sanitizers to ensure you have the ideal product for you. Our smallest size are the 100 ml sanitizers. They are pocket-friendly mini hand sanitizers allowing you to carry them easily for travel purposes.70% to 75% alcohol composition are used in the 100 ml hand sanitizer packs in accordance with the guidelines with the World Health Organisation (WHO). We encourage you to keep a 100 ml sanitizer with you always to stay safe and protect yourself during this pandemic. The sanitiser keeps your hand feeling refreshed and germs free.  We also stock 70%Hydroalcoholic aerosol surface sprayto allow you to clean easily and ensure you are protected. This is one of the most popular products. We ensure to provide you with affordable prices for bulk quantities.

We also sell personal protection packs which include a disposable face mask, anti-bacterial wipes and disposable hand gloves. This makes it much easier to stay safe when leaving the house and to ensure you are wearing a mask in areas where it is now required across the UK. Alternatively you can buy multiple masksto take advantage of our latest deals. We also stock reusable masksin various colours.

Additionally we stock multiple different anti-bacterial wipes to allow you to keep all surfaces clean.

Places where you can use our Mini Hand sanitizer

  • Travelling in public vehicles like cars or buses, flight and trains
  • In the Gym
  • Going to a workplace
  • In schools
  • Hospitals
  • Personal use

Above are some suggested areas where mini sanitizers are of great use. Due to the portable nature of the sanitizer, it can be easily carried by people in their pockets and purses. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers give all round protection against germs and bacterial infection. Keeping a mini sanitizer has now become essential for people. Doctors recommend sanitizing the palms of your hand properly before eating or coming home from the hospital. Hospitals, nursing homes, the gym and public spaces carry multiple infectious germs, and hence it is instructed to sanitize properly upon entry and upon leaving those areas. The surface sprays are effective in keeping surrounding areas germ free. We have bulk mini sanitizers available in packs of 10 and more.

The aerosol sprays is the perfect disinfectant for floors, door handles or any type of surface. UK Wholesale Hydroalcoholic aerosol sprays can be applied to furniture, metals and plastics. It can be used on door handles, in your car or within your workplace or home. We do not use preservatives or flavours within the product. The aerosol sprays are perfume-free and come in a 400 ml bottle. We have options for bulk orders in all of our products. The pocket sanitisers contain 75% alcohol and are effective for killing both bacteria and viruses. You can use as many times as you prefer or upon touching items that may be full of germs. If you are a professional, carrying a mini hand sanitizer as you return to work is an important way to stay safe. It will give you the highest-level protection against germs. Carrying a mini hand sanitizer ensures you can clean your hands even if water and it is not possible to wash your hands. The product works the same as big bottles of sanitizer as the composition and concentration of alcohol is same. You can also buy 5L bottles to refillyour smaller bottle to ensure you are protected whilst also saving money.