Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

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Here at UK wholesales we ensure to give you competitive prices with fast UK delivery. We stock a variety of gloves including latex glove, powder-free Vinyl gloves and Nitrile single use gloves. We have large quantities available to ensure that a sufficient quantity is available during the present situation of nationwide COVID-19 pandemic. Personal protection equipment (PPE) has become an essential requirement to stay safe. We currently supply various healthcare establishments to keep the nation safe. The CDC recommends the use of hand gloves while caring for someone who is sick or cleaning items. Though it is not necessary to wear gloves every time, it is important to wear gloves when caring for patients or going to visit an infected or sick person. Given the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to take sufficient care when in contact with people. Our hand gloves are manufactured maintaining the CDC and WHO guidelines.

Nitrile protective hand gloves provide your hands with protection against vulnerable germs. Nitrile gloves give the highest level of protection against bacteria and viruses. Nitrile hand gloves are ideal for people with latex allergies without causing irritation to your skin. The gloves act as a shield to protect you from outside germs and pollution as well. Nitrile hand gloves are a great method to avoid coming into direct contact with any germs. Here at UK-Wholesales we stock high quality Nitrile gloves for various purposes such as in laboratories medical facilities or with caring roles to ensure you are not in contact with any bodily fluids, blood or other contaminated materials. Our Nitrile gloves ideal to ensuring you adhere to all safety regulations when handling materials to avoid any unnecessary risk. It is vital to check health and safety regulations to ensure that you purchase the correct gloves to avoid any dangers when handling chemicals, or contaminated bodily fluids. Gloves also act as great way to avoid direct contact when shaking hands to avoid the spread of any microorganisms.


Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves also referred to as PVC gloves are ideal when serving food as they prevent germs from coming in contact with the food and ensure you are staying safe. Street food sellers should wear these gloves while serving and preparing food to customers to ensure to adhere to a high level of hygiene.

Latex free nitrile hand gloves are ideal; for giving protection from blood contaminants, blood borne pathogens, infection from body fluid and other diseases. Keeping a pair of gloves is a healthy habit.

The one-time use nitrile hand gloves are easy to dispose of. UK Wholesales encourages the development of personal hygiene for each and everybody. Thereby huge stocks of hand gloves are distributed by UK wholesales at an affordable price.