​Our team meets with The Manchester Business School

​Our team meets with The Manchester Business School

Our team was thrilled to talk to a group of students from The Manchester Business School this week at our Sharp Project HQ. We were able to touch on a range of interesting topics about our operations, future endeavours, ethos and our thriving digital marketing sector, Pie Analysis.

Education and training opportunities are important for all of us here at UK Wholesales, and we are firm believers that young minds are the future of business and innovation. We are keen to regularly talk to students and aspiring business minds as well as offering a wide range of personal growth, hands-on learning and training opportunities on our team.

Jack Armstrong, co-director here at UK Wholesales talks to the students about his experience in large scale event planning. The students were keen to learn about Jack’s newfound interest in the wholesale industry and what made him want to make the switch from events; which is his passion for providing the one stop ultimate solution for wholesale PPE (personal protection equipment), textiles, Covid-19 tests and skincare.

Umar Ali, co-director of UK Wholesales discusses our ethos at UK Wholesales and provides some insight into our large scale operations. Umar founded UK Wholesales alongside Jack Armstrong with one goal of providing the ultimate solution for businesses and individuals who are seeking high quality British made PPE (personal protection equipment), Covid-19 testing kits, textiles and skincare.

Umar spoke to the students about the range of clients we work with, including NHS Trusts, educational institutes and government bodies to provide the full solution as well as the distribution channels we utilize to efficiently cater to their large scale needs. 

Laurence was thrilled to talk to the students about the digital marketing sector of our operations, Pie AnalysisPie Analysis is our digital marketing agency, who work as our in-house creative team to create all the written, visual and graphic content for both us and Pie Analysis’ clients in terms of advertising campaigns, social media and public relations.

At UK Wholesales, we strongly believe in maximizing the ever-growing power of the digital space and identifying innovative and creative ways that we can utilize this to provide the best insight into our business while supporting our clients with branding and outreach.

30th Sep 2021 Laurence Waterhouse

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